Redefining Home Cooking

We wanted to make the home cooking experience simple and fun. So we invented a revolutionary cooktop that helps home chefs unleash their true potential.

Cook Like The Pros

Most restaurant chefs cook on a flat-top. With HotSpot CookTop, you can now do the same without rebuilding your entire kitchen.

Assistive Cooking Services

We’ve partnered up with successful chefs to bring you a plethora of AI-powered assistive cooking services. Read more about it below.

Constant Innovation

Third-party developers can easily contribute to the HotSpot AppStore. Imagine the number of awesome apps at your fingertips!

Cook with Confidence

We understand cooking the perfect dish is a daunting task. But the assistive cooking services on our touchscreen makes that a lot easier.

Even Cooking Technology

If you place food directly on HotSpot CookTop, it can apply more heat to thicker areas and less heat to thinner areas to ensure the food is cooked evenly.

Bespoke Recipe Recommendations

Finding amazing recipes is easier than ever. We recommend personalized recipes to you based on what you’ve previously made on the cooktop.