HotSpot consists of an array of independently controlled cells, each with the capability of heating and sensing. The cells can be controlled through the touch screen interface to set a region of a custom size, or control the temperature of an object, such as a pot or pan.

Expanded Cell

The advantage of using capacitive sensing is that we can sense any material that is placed on the stove, so pots or pans of any material can be sensed, or even items of food.  

Touchscreen Interface

Our touch screen interface makes cooking a breeze. Controlling the temperature of any item or setting a custom flat top region can all be done from one convenient location. Additionally, the step by step recipe guidance gives the user the confidence and tools to create any recipe they desire.

Set manual regions of any size, allowing you to cook directly on the surface. Create as many different regions as you want, the HotSpot CookTop gives you complete control over the cooking experience

The HotSpot Advantage